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A Record of Turning Things Around

In 2006, Gus left corporate law and took a gamble on a small start-up company, Acadiana Management Group. AMG was in the middle of trying to save a struggling Louisiana hospital.

It was their biggest client. It was their only client. It became their first successful step forward in saving many more hospitals, growing AMG to 1,300 amazing employees and providing care for critically ill patients all over the country.

A Leader For A New Conservative Movement

Gus Rantz will work day and night to turn Louisiana around using our core conservative principles:

  • Smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations
  • More public/private partnerships to fix our roads and bridges
  • Investment in education and workforce training
  • Real accountability, metrics and consequences
  • Standing up for life and liberty
  • Early Voting: Nov. 2 — Nov. 9, 2019
  • Election Day: Nov. 16, 2019