Not a Politician

fedupiamlinkimageI’m not a politician, I’m a businessman. We’ve been able to build a business, right here in Louisiana, by saving jobs and ensuring that patients get the critical care they need. And we did it despite intrusions, red tape and bureaucratic nightmares forced on us by our own Government.

I’m running for Congress because I’m worried the American dream is beginning to disappear. My story, just like countless others, shows that in America, taking risks, showing determination and working your tail off, is often rewarded. But for the first time, I fear– the American Dream that gave me so much opportunity – is starting to slip away.

And as an American, a husband and as a father, that makes me mad as hell. I’m mad as hell that no one cares about the 19 trillion-dollar deficit. I’m mad as hell that bureaucratic red tape is strangling the ability of Americans trying to build and create jobs. And I’m mad as hell that government is not protecting us…that our borders leave us vulnerable to attack and illegal aliens.

We need solutions, we need someone that will get our country back on track. We don’t need another promise-maker or empty suit.

I’m going to go to Washington to fight for Louisiana. I will hold DC politicians accountable and get government off the back of hard-working businesses so men and women across the country can get back to work and provide for their families. I will fight to restore the American Dream.

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