Meet Gus

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About Gus Rantz

As the middle child of a working-poor family, living in public housing in Louisiana, Gus Rantz’s story could have been a nightmare. But Gus’ parents taught him to believe and achieve the American Dream.

A Vietnam War veteran, Gus’s father supported his family with odd jobs, while studying to become a Registered Nurse and Nurse Anesthetist. The family moved often, from Louisiana to Arizona and back again to Louisiana as the future of specialized healthcare began to grow.

Inspired by his sports-loving family, especially his Mom, Gus earned a varsity baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He later went on to graduate from LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law School and specialize in healthcare law.


Achieving the American Dream

In 2006 he left corporate law and joined the Acadiana Management Group (AMG) full-time, a small start-up founded by his father and others, who were trying to save a single struggling hospital in Louisiana. That little hospital was the first of many turned around by the hard work of AMG. Now the company employs thousands of amazing people who care for critically ill patients in small-town hospitals all over the country. Today Gus Rantz is proud to serve as President of AMG.


Preserving our way of life

Gus has seen, through his work in the healthcare industry, the intrusions government has made in our daily lives — the red tape and bureaucratic nightmares that take away our freedoms and ultimately drive up costs for everyone. He’s witnessed first-hand how virtually every new government rule and regulation costs the patient more – in dollars and in time navigating the system. Gus is devoted to less government, less waste and fewer burdensome regulations for everyone.

Gus and his wife Andrea, have three children, Reagan, A.J. and Jackson. The family lives in Lafayette and attends St. Pius X Catholic Church.