Gus Rantz Op-ed: Wake up, Mr. President — Louisiana lives matter, too!

I’m fed up and so are so many other taxpayers. Historic flooding has wrecked lives, destroyed homes and devastated our communities.

While there is no doubt that in our resilience we will come back stronger and more united, the question has to be asked: at what cost?

We all pay taxes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was created for situations just like this. It is supposed to be there to help those who can’t help themselves.

Recent news reports have said that flood victims will receive a paltry sum for a home lost in an area the government never designated as a flood zone. Stop and think for a moment about this. Flood maps, that are created with our tax dollars, told residents that they would be safe. They were not. And now, uninsured homeowners will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and FEMA’s assistance is pennies on the dollar.

I’m not whining begging for government to bail people out. My point is the government failed us yet again – and it needs to take responsibility for its’ many mistakes.

To be clear, I’m an outspoken conservative Republican who often rails on wasteful spending. However, helping those in need is exactly where we should be spending tax dollars.

Our national budget is a disaster and doesn’t reflect the priorities of the country.

Six days after the flooding began our president has yet to utter single comment of support for our people. He’s found time to tweet about the Olympics, release his summer reading list and lecture us about global warming, yet he’s remained silent on Louisiana. Not one word of encouragement or prayer offered.

Wake up, Mr. President — Louisiana lives matter, too!

— Gus Rantz